Ways landscaping can improve the value of your home

Landscaping can improve the value of your home
  1. Install a new patio to create an extended outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.
  2. A durable block paved driveway. Elegant paving will enhance and frame your house and your landscape and add that curb appeal.
  3. A Pergola can define your dining space. It will make your dining area cozier for your guests, and the overhead covering will provide welcome shade on hot, sunny days. Hang a few lights from the pergola for a finished look that lets you continue using the space after the sun sets. Pergolas can be excellent screening devices for gardens, while clever planting can also help to shield your outdoor space from neighbouring properties.

The last couple of years have seen changes to our lives which were never imaginable and more and more we spend time in our Gardens. It has become an “extension” of our homes. A place to sit, relax, enjoy and entertain. Be it a small change, raised beds/planters, small patio area to enjoy the sunshine, or a complete makeover, new fencing, a new decking area or patio, a pond, garden walls. 

Studies have shown that time outdoors helps people manage their fears, anxiety, and stress. In fact, it would be hard to overestimate the value of time spent outdoors. Sunshine boosts vitamin D production that helps our bodies function more efficiently while the simple act of being out in the natural world increases serotonin levels, promoting calm and reducing stress.

First impressions are everything, and curb appeal is what potential buyers notice first…It will signal to buyers that they can expect the same from the interior and bones of the house.